Invest in Apple

buying shares has never been easier


Apple is the most valuable company in the world the company have $198.2 Billion
cash on hand this is close to a whole year revenue so it means the company have
emergency money so if anything will happen on the market or with the company they
can survive a whole year without any income and also if there is any financial crisis
on the market and the stock prices will drop they can buy companies for nothing.
Example: Ford motors reached the $1/ Share after 2008 crisis and probably this is
why they keep a lot of cash!

Loyal Customers are a really big reason to own apple shares, because the numbers
of people who are using Apple products are increasing. For example the users of IOS
singe 2012 - 2019 increased by 20% and as of today 1.56 Billion people use Apple

Apple was never known that they are the top of inventing new products. What they
were really good at is to grab an existing technology and make it perfect like Face ID
or fingerprint ID in tablets and phones, first iPods and of course in 2007 when they
invented the first iPhone which changed the whole phone industry.

Investing in new industries! Starting from 2017 Apple starts investing money in different industries like movies, streaming service and even the bank sector (Apple Card) and this is showing the company direction in the future because they don’t wanna only depend on phones and laptops.​​​

Apple said it would enact a 4-for-1 split on August 24, meaning that each share owned by an investor today will turn into four shares. At the same time, Apple's stock price will be quartered, from about $400 now to about $100 when the split happens.

“ Apple is not only a technological company it’s more of a life style this is the only company in the planet that when it’s released its new phone people sleeping in front of the stores for days only to get the new phones in the fastcase”​​

- 129.27

- 120.00

- 110.00

- 100.00

- 90.00

- 80.00

- 70.00

- 60.00

- 50.00

- 40.00







360% increase in last 5 years

Stock Price Forecast

As we can see that Apple stocks are almost every year increasing after the launch of the new iPhone in the first 60 days or 90 days the share price is increasing this year the expectation of Wells Fargo bank that approx.: 12% - 15% increase can happen in the price ( Stock split will also give a big push because the price will go back under $100 and more people will be able to afford it.

Wells Fargo target price: $515